Wing Commander (video Game)

Wing Commander (video Game)

Wing Commander is the first, eponymous game in Chris Roberts' science fiction space simulation franchise Wing Commander by Origin Systems. The game was first released for the PC DOS on September 26, 1990 and was later ported to the Amiga, CD32 (256-color), Mega-CD and the SNES. An enhanced remake Super Wing Commander was made for the 3DO in 1994, later ported to the Macintosh.

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Wing Commander (video Game) - Reception
... This section requires expansion Dragon gave it 6 stars,out of a 5-star system,the Secret Missions Expansion Disk receiving 5 stars ... In a review by Computer Gaming World,Wing Commander received the score of 10.91,the highest rating in the history of the magazine until 1992,when it was superseded by the game'sown ... It also won Computer Gaming World's1991 Overall Game of the Year award ...

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