Wiltshire Police - Controversy - Sgt. Mark Andrews

Sgt. Mark Andrews

In June 2008 Pamela Somerville was arrested near Melksham after being found asleep in her car, for failing to provide a specimen of breath for breath alcohol analysis. The custody officer in Melksham police station, Sergeant Mark Andrews was accused of assaulting Ms Somerville during her detention, including dragging her through the custody suite and dropping her onto the concrete floor of a detention cell.

Sgt Mark Andrews was initially found guilty of actual bodily harm and was sentenced to six months in prison and faced dismissal from the police force. Assistant Chief Constable Patrick Geenty criticised his subordinate and apologised to Ms Somerville.

On 14 September 2010 Sgt Andrews was bailed after serving only 6 days of his sentence pending an appeal against his conviction to be held at Oxford Crown court in November 2010.

On Thursday 18 November 2010 Sgt Andrews was cleared of any wrongdoing with regards to the allegation of assault in Melksham Custody against Somerville. Sgt Andrews claimed that Pamela Somerville had grabbed hold of the door frame of the cell and on letting go she had fallen to the floor. Mr Justice Bean declared Somerville was drunk when she was put in the cells and he believed that Sgt Andrews did not intend to throw her to the floor.

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