William III

William III may refer to:

  • William III of Aquitaine (915–963)
  • William III of Toulouse (died 1037)
  • William III of Provence (died after 1037)
  • William III of Montferrat (970–1042)
  • William III of Angoulême (1084–1118)
  • William III of Ponthieu (c. 1095–1172)
  • William III of Sicily (1190–1198)
  • William III of Dampierre (1224–1251)
  • William III of Cagliari (ruled 1256–1258)
  • Sir William Douglas the Hardy (died c. 1298)
  • William I, Count of Hainaut or William III of Holland (1286–1337)
  • Uilleam III, Earl of Ross (died 1370)
  • William I, Duke of Bavaria or William III of Hainaut (1330–1389)
  • William III, Duke of Bavaria (1375–1435)
  • William III, Duke of Luxembourg (1425–1482)
  • William III of England or William III of Orange or William II of Scotland (1650–1702)
  • William III of the Netherlands (1817–1890)

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... King James II VII is deposed and replaced with his daughter Mary and her husband, William, Prince of Orange ruling jointly as William III II and Mary II ... As King and Queen Regnant they impaled their arms William bore the Royal Arms with an escutcheon of Nassau (the royal house to which William belonged) added (a golden lion rampant on a blue field), while Mary bore. 1694–1702 After the death of Mary II, William III reigned alone, and used his arms only ...
Second Stadtholderless Period - The Complicated Succession of William III in His Regnal Titles and Possessions
... When he died, William was king in his own right of England, Scotland and Ireland, but the Bill of Rights 1689 and the Act of Settlement 1701 firmly placed the succession in these kingdoms in ... As William died without (legitimate) issue, he had to make provisions in his last will and testament to prevent any uncertainty ... Indeed, he made John William Friso, Prince of Orange, head of the cadet branch of Nassau-Dietz of the family, his general heir, both privately and politically ...
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982-1002 Otto-William of Burgundy (958 † 1026) count of Burgundy, son of Adalbert of Italy and of Gerberge of Chalon 1065-1078 Guy II of Mâcon († 1109), count of Mâcon, son of the former ... monk at Cluny Abbey and ceded Macon to his cousin William I of Burgundy 1078-1085 William I of Burgundy († 1087), count of Burgundy and of Macon, cousin of the former, son of Renaud I of Burgundy and of Alice of. 1097-1125 William II of Burgundy (c ...
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... This page is a translation of its French equivalent Guillaume III de Bourgogne ... Persondata Name William Iii, Count of Burgundy Alternative names Short description Count of Burgundy Date of birth 1110 Place of birth Date of death 1127 Place ...

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