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Other Religions

For guidance on naming articles about people associated with other religions, see the appropriate religion- or country-specific convention or guideline pages, noting that general principles already on this page are not restated there:

Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Chinese)
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Japan-related articles
Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Hebrew)
Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Korean)
Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Islam-related articles
Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Indic)
Wikipedia:Naming conventions (ancient Romans). Note that neither "pontifex" nor "pontifex maximus" nor any other priestly function (like the prophesying function of a "Sibyl", the worshipping function of a "Maenad" or "Korybante", etc.) is used in the titles of articles on individual ancient Romans, Greeks, etc., except in rare cases of bracketed disambiguation, such as Papirius (pontifex).
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