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Latter Day Saint Movement (Mormonism)

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Famous quotes containing the words movement, day and/or saint:

    Prostration is our natural position. A wormlike movement from a spot of sunlight to a spot of shade, and back, is the type of movement that is natural to men.
    Wyndham Lewis (1882–1957)

    The arbitrary division of one’s life into weeks and days and hours seemed, on the whole, useless. There was but one day for the men, and that was pay day, and one for the women, and that was rent day. As for the children, every day was theirs, just as it should be in every corner of the world.
    Alice Caldwell Rice (1870–1942)

    O my God, what must a soul be like when it is in this state! It longs to be all one tongue with which to praise the Lord. It utters a thousand pious follies, in a continuous endeavor to please Him who thus possesses it.
    Teresa Of Avila, Saint (1515–1582)