Who is Honore Balzac?

  • (noun): French novelist; he portrays the complexity of 19th century French society (1799-1850).
    Synonyms: Balzac, Honore de Balzac

Famous quotes containing the words balzac and/or honore:

    Mothers with marriageable daughters ought to look out for men of this stamp, men with brains to act as protecting divinity, with worldly wisdom to diagnose like a surgeon, and with experience to take a mother’s place in warding off evil. These are the three cardinal virtues in matrimony.
    —HonorĂ© De Balzac (1799–1850)

    We must be generously willing to leave for a time the narrow boundaries in which our individual lives are passed ... In this fresh, breezy atmosphere ... we will be surprised to find that many of our familiar old conventional truths look very queer indeed in some of the sudden side lights thrown upon them.
    —Bertha Honore Potter Palmer (1849–1918)