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Musée Clemenceau
... The Musée Clemenceau is a house museum located in the 16th arrondissement at 8, rue Benjamin Franklin, Paris, France ... The museum preserves the apartment and garden of Georges Clemenceau (1841–1929), French statesman and writer, who lived there from 1895 until his death ... Its first floor exhibits many objects reflecting Clemenceau's life and work, including the famous coat and gaiters he wore during his visits to the front in World War I, as well as portraits, photos, books ...
Clemenceau Metro Station
... The Clemenceau metro station is an Brussels metro station on the southern segment of line 2 ... It is located on Clemenceau Avenue, between Bergensesteenweg and Kliniekstraat next to a slaughterhouse, in the municipality of Anderlecht ...
Les Brigades Du Tigre
... involves an Untouchables-type crack "Flying Squad" formed by Georges Clemenceau to combat rampant crime in 1912 Paris ... known to the public as "Tiger Brigades", after Clemenceau's nickname "Le Tigre", and were among the first police units to be equipped with automobiles and seriously trained to savate techniques ... between the PP (Parisian Prefecture ) and the Brigades of Clemenceau, the birth of Socialism and famous Anarchist Movements, some corruption affairs etc.. ...
Clemenceau (Cottonwood) - Clemenceau Heritage Museum
... The Clemenceau Heritage Museum occupies most of the old Clemenceau School, which operated from 1924 through 1986 ... The 1918 Clemenceau Bank and Post Office building is also part of the museum ...
Clemenceau, Saskatchewan
... Clemenceau is a hamlet in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan named after Georges Clemenceau, the French physician, journalist and statesman ... Clemenceau is located on the Canadian Pacific Railway approximately 27 kilometers (17 miles) south of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan and by 1929 the town was one ... In 1950, Clemenceau was one of nine provincial land settlement projects after World War II, and was primarily a resettlement block for farmers ...

Famous quotes containing the word clemenceau:

    My home policy: I wage war; my foreign policy: I wage war. All the time I wage war.
    —Georges Clemenceau (1841–1929)

    America is the only nation in history which miraculously has gone directly from barbarism to degeneration without the usual interval of civilization.
    —Georges Clemenceau (1841–1929)

    War is too important a matter to be left to the military.
    —Georges Clemenceau (1841–1929)