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Whitehead Group
... Whitehead group in mathematics may mean A group W with Ext(W, Z)=0 see Whitehead problem For a ring, the Whitehead group Wh(A) of a ring A, equal to For a group, the Whitehead group Wh(G ... Note that this is a quotient of the Whitehead group of the group ring ... The Whitehead group Wh(A) of a simplicial complex or PL-manifold A, equal to Wh(π1(A)) see Whitehead torsion ...
Whitehead Torsion - The Whitehead Group
... The Whitehead group of a CW-complex or a manifold M is equal to the Whitehead group Wh(π1(M)) of the fundamental group π1(M) of M ... If G is a group, the Whitehead group Wh(G) is defined to be the cokernel of the map G × {±1} → K1(Z) which sends (g,±1) to the invertible (1,1)-matrix (±g) ... Here Z is the group ring of G ...

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