Whitehead Group

Whitehead group in mathematics may mean:

  • A group W with Ext(W, Z)=0; see Whitehead problem
  • For a ring, the Whitehead group Wh(A) of a ring A, equal to
  • For a group, the Whitehead group Wh(G) of a group G, equal to K1(Z)/{±G}. Note that this is a quotient of the Whitehead group of the group ring.
  • The Whitehead group Wh(A) of a simplicial complex or PL-manifold A, equal to Wh(π1(A)); see Whitehead torsion.

All named after J. H. C. Whitehead.

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... In 1973, Saharon Shelah showed that the Whitehead problem ("is every abelian group A with Ext1(A, Z) = 0 a free abelian group?") is independent of ZFC ... A group with Ext1(A, Z) = 0 which is not free abelian is called a Whitehead group MA + ¬CH proves the existence of a Whitehead group, while V = L proves that no Whitehead group ...

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