White Watson Life 1760���1800

Famous quotes containing the words white, watson and/or life:

    The fact that white people readily and proudly call themselves “white,” glorify all that is white, and whitewash all that is glorified, becomes unnatural and bigoted in its intent only when these same whites deny persons of African heritage who are Black the natural and inalienable right to readily—proudly—call themselves “black,” glorify all that is black, and blackwash all that is glorified.
    Abbey Lincoln (b. 1930)

    We hold our hate too choice a thing
    For light and careless lavishing.
    —Sir William Watson (1858–1936)

    Not lived; for life doth her great actions spell,
    By what was done and wrought
    In season, and so brought
    To light: her measures are, how well
    Each syllab’e answered, and was formed how fair;
    These make the lines of life, and that’s her air.
    Ben Jonson (1572–1637)