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Raven Paradox - Proposed Resolutions - Accepting Non-ravens As Relevant - The Standard Bayesian Solution
... weight of evidence provided by the observation of a black raven or a white shoe in favor of the hypothesis that all the ravens in a collection of objects are black ... But the factor if we see a white shoe is only average and this exceeds unity by only about r/(2N-2b) if N-b is large compared to r ... Thus the weight of evidence provided by the sight of a white shoe is positive, but is small if the number of ravens is known to be small compared to ...
Raven Paradox - Proposed Resolutions - Disputing The Induction From Positive Instances - The Red Herring
... a million other birds and that in the other world there are a thousand black ravens, one white raven, and a million other birds ... Good concludes that the white shoe is a "red herring" Sometimes even a black raven can constitute evidence against the hypothesis that all ravens are black, so the fact that the ... appearance of paradoxicality in cases like that of the white shoe results in part from a failure to observe this maxim." ...
White Shoe Firm - Examples of White-shoe Firms - The "new" White-shoe Banks
... While the term "white-shoe" historically applied only to those law firms populated by WASPs, usage of the term has since been expanded to other top-rated prestigious firms ... exclusionary tendencies of the original white-shoe firms, which provided limited opportunities for Jewish and Catholic lawyers, as well as other non-WASPs ...

Famous quotes containing the words shoe and/or white:

    A little neglect may breed mischief ... for want of a nail, the shoe was lost; for want of a shoe the horse was lost; and for want of a horse the rider was lost.
    Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790)

    As if that hand
    squeezing crow’s blood
    against a white sky
    beside an idiot’s laughing face
    were real.
    Denise Levertov (b. 1923)