White People - European-descended Peoples - Contemporary "white" Populations Outside of Regions Bordering Europe

Contemporary "white" Populations Outside of Regions Bordering Europe

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Nations and regions outside of Europe with significant populations of European ancestry:

  • Africa (see Whites in Africa)
    • South Africa (White South African): 9.6% of the population
    • Namibia (White Namibians): 6% of the population, of which most are Afrikaans-speaking, in addition to a German-speaking minority.
    • Réunion estimated to be approx. 25% of the population
    • Zimbabwe (Whites in Zimbabwe)
    • Algeria (Pied-noir)
    • Botswana
    • Kenya (Whites in Kenya)
    • Mauritius (Franco-Mauritian)
    • Côte d'Ivoire (French people)
    • Senegal
    • Canary Islands (Spaniards), known as Canarians.
    • Seychelles (Franco-Seychellois)
    • Saint Helena (UK) including Tristan da Cunha (UK): predominantly European.
    • Swaziland : 3% of the population
  • Asia
    • Siberia (Russians, Germans and Ukrainians)
    • Kazakhstan (Russians in Kazakhstan, Germans of Kazakhstan): 30% of the population
    • Kyrgyzstan (Russians and other Slavs): 13.5% of the population
    • Hong Kong
    • People's Republic of China (Russians in China)
    • Christmas Island: approx. 20% of the population.
  • Latin America (see White Latin American)
    • Argentina (European Immigration to Argentina): 97% of the population
    • Bolivia : 15% of the population
    • Brazil (White Brazilian): 47.3% of the population
    • Chile (White Chilean): 52,7%–64% of the population.
    • Colombia (White Colombian): 20% of the population
    • Costa Rica
    • Cuba (White Cuban): 65% of the population
    • Dominican Republic: 16% of the population
    • Ecuador: 7% of the population
    • El Salvador: 12% of the population
    • Mexico (White Mexican): 9% or ~17% of the population. and 70–80% more as Mestizos.
    • Nicaragua: 17% of the population
    • Panama 10% of the population
    • Puerto Rico 75.8% of the population
    • Peru (European Peruvian): 15% of the population
    • Paraguay approx. 20% of the population
    • Venezuela (White Venezuelan): 16% of the population according to an estimation, 42.2% of the population according to the XIV Census
    • Uruguay: 88% of the population
  • Rest of the Americas
    • Bahamas : 12% of the population
    • Barbados (White Barbadian): 4% of the population
    • Bermuda: 34.1% of the population
    • Canada : 80% of the population
    • Falkland Islands, exclusively of British descent.
    • French Guiana: 12% of the population
    • Greenland : 12% of the population
    • Martinique: 5% of the population
    • Saint Barthélemy
    • Trinidad and Tobago : 0.6% of the population
    • United States of America (European American, White American): 72.4% of the population, including Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Whites.
  • Oceania (see Europeans in Oceania)
    • Australia (White Australian): 94.91% of the population, which include European Australians and Caucasian people of non-European descent such as Latin Americans, Lebanese and Turkish Australians.
    • New Zealand (New Zealand European): 78% of the population
    • New Caledonia (Caldoche): 34.5% of the population
    • French Polynesia : 10% of the population
    • Hawaii : 24.7% of the population
    • Guam : 6.9% of the population
    • Norfolk Island : 50% of the population

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