White Lotus Cult

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Martial Masters - Characters
... Reika - A girl whose town was destroyed by the White Lotus Cult in a failed attempt to kidnap her ... he is a kind hearted man who protect missionaries against the xenophobic White Lotus Cult ... Lotus Master - A mysterious man who pose as the leader of White Lotus Cult who wishes to take over the sect, he is based on Priest Kung from Once Upon a Time in China II ...

Famous quotes containing the words cult, white and/or lotus:

    Look at this poet William Carlos Williams: he is primitive and native, and his roots are in raw forest and violent places; he is word-sick and place-crazy. He admires strength, but for what? Violence! This is the cult of the frontier mind.
    Edward Dahlberg (1900–1977)

    Teenage girls are extremists who see the world in black-and- white terms, missing shades of gray. Life is either marvelous or not worth living. School is either pure torment or is going fantastically. Other people are either great or horrible, and they themselves are wonderful or pathetic failures. One day a girl will refer to herself as “the goddess of social life” and the next day she’ll regret that she’s the “ultimate in nerdosity.”
    Mary Pipher (20th century)

    I passed a little further on and heard a lotus talk:
    Who made the world and ruleth it, He hangeth on a stalk,
    For I am in His image made, and all this tinkling tide
    Is but a sliding drop of rain between His petals wide.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)