White Jelly

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Tremella Fuciformis - Taxonomy and Naming
... xuě ěr literally "snow ear") or 白木耳 (pinyin bái mù ěr, literally "white wood ear"), and in Japanese it is called shiro kikurage (シロキクラゲ, lit ... "white tree jellyfish") ... for Tremella fuciformis (which he calls "White Jelly Mushroom") Yin Er White Jelly Fungus White Jelly Leaf ("Shirokikurage") Silver Ear Mushroom Snow Mushroom Chrysanthemum Mushroom ...

Famous quotes containing the words jelly and/or white:

    Your death, dear Lady, was quite cold
    For all the brave tears and ultimate spasm.
    So civilized were your thin hands, I marvel
    They too, like jelly fishes, came from protoplasm.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    Man is the end of nature; nothing so easily organizes itself in every part of the universe as he; no moss, no lichen is so easily born; and he takes along with him and puts out from himself the whole apparatus of society and condition extempore, as an army encamps in a desert, and where all was just now blowing sand, creates a white city in an hour, a government, a market, a place for feasting, for conversation, and for love.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)