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The White Album (Lewis Black Album)
... The White Album is Lewis Black's first album, recorded in 1999 at Laugh Lines Comedy Club in Madison, Wisconsin and released on June 1, 2000 ... The cover and title is a reference to the album The Beatles (also commonly referred to as The White Album) ...
List Of White Album Episodes
... a list of episodes of the 2009 Japanese animated television series White Album, based on the visual novel White Album by Leaf ... "POWDER SNOW" by Nana Mizuki Aya Hirano (ep 26), "SOUND OF DESTINY" by Nana Mizuki and "WHITE ALBUM" by Aya Hirano ...
Let It Be - History - Concept
... year's The Beatles (commonly known as the White Album) had seen a number of serious arguments and strained relations among the group ... was to get the group back into rehearsal as quickly as possible (the White Album sessions having only been concluded in October 1968) and begin work on a new album that made little or no use of studio ... as a true ensemble, perhaps recording some or all of the new album during a one-off live concert or full concert tour ...
Helter Skelter (Manson Scenario) - References To The Beatles and The Book of Revelation - Beatles Lyrics, As Interpreted By Manson
... They want Manson to create his "song," that is, his album that will set off Helter Skelter ... "Blue Jay Way" appeared on Magical Mystery Tour, the 1967 album that preceded The Beatles and that had, itself, influenced Manson ... The Beatles are telling blacks to get guns and fight whites Sample lyric When I hold you in my arms/ And I feel my finger on your trigger/ I know no one can do me no harm ...
The White Album (book) - Contents - I. The White Album
... The White Album" (1968–78) "The White Album" is an autobiographical literary essay detailing loosely related events in the author's life in the 1960s, primarily in Los Angeles ... Publishers Weekly picked "The White Album" as one of the 10 most important essays since 1950, calling it "a brilliant mosaic distillation.. ...

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    What a long strange trip it’s been.
    Robert Hunter, U.S. rock lyricist. “Truckin’,” on the Grateful Dead album American Beauty (1971)

    For most Northerners, Texas is the home of real men. The cowboys, the rednecks, the outspoken self-made right-wing millionaires strike us as either the best or worst examples of American manliness.... The ideal is not an illusion nor is it contemptible, no matter what damage it may have done. Many people who scorn it in conversation want to submit to it in bed. Those who believe machismo reeks of violence alone choose to forget it once stood for honor as well.
    —Edmund White (b. 1940)