Whatchamacallit (candy)

Whatchamacallit (candy)

Whatchamacallit is a candy bar marketed in the United States by The Hershey Company. This candy bar was first introduced in 1978. The "Whatchamacallit" name was devised by Harrison F. Limpert while doing advertising for Hershey. Since 1987, Whatchamacallit has included peanut-flavored crisp that utilizes peanut butter as the flavoring agent, with a layer of caramel and a layer of milk chocolate coating. In the late 1980s, a commercial was created in a New Wave style referring to the bar in various ways to say "whatchamacallit", including names that had been made up, such as "wowzamadoo." Hershey's Whatchamacallit is found in recipes for various food items, including pies, cookies, cheesecakes, and cupcakes.

In Canada, an identical candy bar is marketed by Hershey's as Special Crisp, but does not have the wide distribution in Canada that the Whatchamacallit has in the United States.

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