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1965 Davis Cup
45 teams would enter the competition, 31 in the Europe Zone, 9 in the Eastern Zone, and 5 in the Americas Zone ... The United States defeated Mexico in the Americas Zone final, India defeated Japan in the Eastern Zone final, and Spain defeated South Africa in the Europe Zone final ... In the Inter-Zonal Zone, Spain defeated the USA, and then India ...
1973 Thomas Cup - Qualification (Intra-zone) Summary
... of several of these were not determined until the final match ... One such instance occurred in the Australasian zone final between India and New Zealand ... opponents 15-12 in the third game to put India into the inter-zone playoffs for the first time since 1955 ...
1930 In Tennis - July
... In the Davis Cup Inter-Zonal Zone final Giorgio de Stefani of Italy and Wilmer Allison of the United States set the current record of the most match points saved in a match ... Canters 6-3, 6-l Timmer / Støckel July 11–13 Davis Cup Europe Zone Final Prague, Czechoslovakia Final winners Italy 3–2 Final losers Japan ... Beer July 25–27 Davis Cup Challenge Round Final Paris, France France (c) 4–1 United States July Swiss International Championship Basel, Switzerland Hector Fisher 4 ...
1976 Thomas Cup - Qualification (Intra-zone) Summary
... Denmark again prevailed in the European zone but only after two tough battles ... In the zone semifinal against England Flemming Delfs and Elo Hansen led the way to a 6–3 victory, as Svend Pri, recovering from injury, was kept out of the doubles ... In the zone final against Sweden, which had beaten West Germany comfortably, Denmark's slightly greater depth enabled it to survive 5–4 in the last match of the tie ...
1955 Davis Cup
... The Eastern Zone was reinstated with increasing entries from Asia. 34 teams would enter the competition, 24 in the Europe Zone, 7 in the Americas Zone, and 3 in the Eastern Zone ... Australia defeated Canada in the Americas Zone final, Italy defeated Sweden in the Europe Zone final, and Japan defeated the Philippines in the ...

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