What is wonted?

Famous quotes containing the word wonted:

    And though the shady gloom
    Had given day her room,
    The sun himself withheld his wonted speed,
    And hid his head for shame,
    As his inferior flame
    The new-enlightened world no more should need;
    He saw a greater Sun appear
    Than his bright throne or burning axle-tree could bear.
    John Milton (1608–1674)

    Shepheards delights he dooth them all forsweare,
    Hys pleasaunt pipe, whych made us meriment,
    He wylfully hath broke, and doth forbeare,
    His wonted songs, wherein he all outwent.
    Edmund Spenser (1552?–1599)

    The death of a dear friend, wife, brother, lover, which seemed nothing but privation, somewhat later assumes the aspect of a guide or genius; for it commonly operates revolutions in our way of life, terminates an epoch of infancy or of youth which was waiting to be closed, breaks up a wonted occupation, or a household, or style of living, and allows for the formation of new ones more friendly to the growth of character.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)