What is weather beacon?

Weather Beacon

A weather beacon is a beacon that indicates the local weather forecast in a code of colored or flashing lights. Often, a short poem or jingle accompanies the code to make it easier to remember. (example, example 2)

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Some articles on weather beacon:

Gulf Tower - Lighting
... the building was neon-illuminated, changing colors to provide a weather forecast that could be seen for many miles ... Subsequently, in an effort to conserve energy, the weather forecasting role had been limited to the weather beacon at the pinnacle of the pyramid, which would glow blue for precipitation and ... (by means of spotlights), the entire pyramid structure no longer changed color with the weather (the pinnacle beacon still had that function) ...
Berkeley Building - Weather Beacon
... It is topped by a weather beacon with red and blue lights, which use a code to present the local weather forecast, using a popular rhyme as a mnemonic Steady blue, clear view ... means the Boston Red Sox game has been called off on account of weather ... The beacon was first lit on March 15, 1950 and was controlled using forecasts from a meteorological agency located on the 26th floor ...
List of Weather Beacons - United States
... Building (formerly Guarantee Savings), Fresno (non-functioning) KXTV Weather Tower, Sacramento (24 August 2001 – present) One Rincon Hill South Tower, San Francisco (8 December 2008 – present) Florida ... Petersburg (1953 – 6 April 1970) Illinois Weather Bell, Bell Federal Savings Building (street level), 79 West Monroe Street, Chicago Bell Federal Savings ... (1956–1979) Montana US Bank Tower, Billings (dismantled) Union Bank Weather Ball, Helena Nebraska KMTV Weather Tower, N ...

Famous quotes containing the words beacon and/or weather:

    It illumineth the face, which as a beacon gives warning to all the rest of this little kingdom, man, to arm ... this valor comes of sherris.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    Wind, the season-climate mixer,
    In my Witches’ Weather Primer
    Says, to make this Fall Elixir
    First you let the summer simmer....
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)