What is vividness?

  • (noun): Interest and variety and intensity.
    Synonyms: color, colour
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Auditory Imagery - Image Perception - Difference in Vividness
... The difference in vividness from person to person can be an important neuronal correlation of sensory processes and higher-order cognition ... The Bucknell Auditory Imagery Score assesses the vividness of a person’s auditory imagery and was shown to correlate directly with the neuronal activity ... Musical training does not produce an improvement in the vividness of auditory images however data showing if vividness can be improved or a circuit dedicated to vividness ...
Vividness Of Visual Imagery Questionnaire (VVIQ)
... The Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire (VVIQ) was developed in 1973 by the British psychologist David Marks (Marks, 1973) ... The vividness of the image is rated along a 5-point scale ... been widely used as a measure of individual differences in vividness of visual imagery ...
Misleading Vividness
... Misleading vividness is a term that can be applied to anecdotal evidence describing an occurrence, even if it is an exceptional occurrence, with sufficient ... Although misleading vividness does little to support an argument logically, it can have a very strong psychological effect because of a cognitive heuristic called the availability heuristic ...
Vividness Of Visual Imagery Questionnaire (VVIQ) - Validation of The VVIQ
... For example, Marks (1973) reported that high vividness scores correlate with the accuracy of recall of coloured photographs ... whether participants with low and high vividness scores on the VVIQ2 showed any performance differences ... (2006) found that high vividness participants were significantly more accurate at detecting salient changes to pictures compared to low vividness participants ...
Autobiographical Memory - Accuracy - Vividness
... The vividness of the memory can increase one’s belief in the veracity of the memory, though not as strongly as spatial context ... bulb memories of 9/11 and everyday memories deteriorated over time however, reported vividness, recollection and belief in accuracy of flashbulb memories remained high ...

More definitions of "vividness":

  • (noun): Chromatic purity: freedom from dilution with white and hence vividness of hue.
    Synonyms: saturation, chroma, intensity