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Vi - History - Creation
... for display terminals and was a single-line-at-a-time visual editor ... to make heavy use of "raw terminal input mode", in which the running program, rather than the terminal device driver, handled all keystrokes ... he did June through October 1977 adding a full-screen visual mode to ex ...
7700 - Transponder Codes - Code Assignments
... Code Allocated Use 0000 Shall not be used — is a non-discrete mode A code (Europe) Mode C or other SSR failure (UK) Should never be assigned (USA) Military intercept ...
... The original code for vi was written by Bill Joy in 1976, as the visual mode for a line editor called ex that Joy had written with Chuck Haley ... the name vi (which took users straight into ex's visual mode), and the name by which it is known today ... The name vi is derived from the shortest unambiguous abbreviation for the command visual in ex the command in question switches the line editor ex to visual mode ...

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    The mode of clearing and planting is to fell the trees, and burn once what will burn, then cut them up into suitable lengths, roll into heaps, and burn again; then, with a hoe, plant potatoes where you can come at the ground between the stumps and charred logs; for a first crop the ashes suffice for manure, and no hoeing being necessary the first year. In the fall, cut, roll, and burn again, and so on, till the land is cleared; and soon it is ready for grain, and to be laid down.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    To write well, to have style ... is to paint. The master faculty of style is therefore the visual memory. If a writer does not see what he describes—countrysides and figures, movements and gestures—how could he have a style, that is originality?
    Rémy De Gourmont (1858–1915)