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Video Display Controller
... A Video Display Controller or VDC is an integrated circuit which is the main component in a video signal generator, a device responsible for the ... Some VDCs also generate an Audio signal, but in that case it's not their main function ... were most often used in the old home-computers of the 80s, but also in some early video game systems ...
Audio To Video Synchronization - Effect of No Explicit AV-sync Timing
... When a digital or analog audio video stream does not have some sort of explicit AV-sync timing these effects will cause the stream to become out of sync In film movies these ... Audio to Video Synchronization is commonly corrected and maintained with an audio synchronizer ... industry standards organizations have established acceptable amounts of audio and video timing errors and suggested practices related to maintaining ...
List Of Home Computers By Video Hardware - The Main Classes of Video Hardware
... There are two main categories of solutions for a home computer to generate a video signal ... a system using some form of Video Display Controller (VDC), a VLSI chip that contained most of the logic circuitry needed to generate the video signal ... Simple video shift register based solutions, have a simple "video shifter chip", and the main CPU doing most of the complex stuff ...
RGB Devices - RGB and Displays - Video Electronics
... RGB is also the term referring to a type of component video signal used in the video electronics industry ... It consists of three signals—red, green, and blue—carried on three separate cables/pins ... RGB signal formats are often based on modified versions of the RS-170 and RS-343 standards for monochrome video ...
Session (CD) - Sample Rate
... that a sampling rate of more than twice the maximum frequency of the signal to be recorded is needed, resulting in a required rate of at least 40 kHz ... from a method of converting digital audio into an analog video signal for storage on U-matic video tape, which was the most affordable way to transfer data from the recording studio to ... The device that converts an analog audio signal into PCM audio, which in turn is changed into an analog video signal is called a PCM adaptor ...

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    The experience of a sense of guilt for wrong-doing is necessary for the development of self-control. The guilt feelings will later serve as a warning signal which the child can produce himself when an impulse to repeat the naughty act comes over him. When the child can produce his on warning signals, independent of the actual presence of the adult, he is on the way to developing a conscience.
    Selma H. Fraiberg (20th century)

    We attempt to remember our collective American childhood, the way it was, but what we often remember is a combination of real past, pieces reshaped by bitterness and love, and, of course, the video past—the portrayals of family life on such television programs as “Leave it to Beaver” and “Father Knows Best” and all the rest.
    Richard Louv (20th century)