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Vicq may refer to the following places in France:

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Félix Vicq-d'Azyr - Biography
... Vicq d'Azyr was born in Valognes, Normandy, the son of a physician ... From 1773 Vicq d'Azyr taught a celebrated course of anatomy at the Jardin du Roi, currently the Museum of Natural History, in Paris ... In 1775, Vicq d'Azyr was made Perpetual Secretary ...
Isaac Casaubon - Travels and Tribulations
... Here he lived in the house of Méric de Vicq, surintendant de la justice (Superintendent of Justice), a liberal-minded Catholic ... Accompanied by de Vicq, Casaubon briefly visited Paris, where he was presented to King Henry IV of France ... He stayed another year at Lyon with de Vicq, where he hoped to meet the king, who was expected to visit the south ...
Mammillothalamic Fasciculus - Anatomy
... The mammillothalamic tract was first described by the French physician, Félix Vicq d'Azyr, from which it takes its alternate name (The Bundle of Vicq d'A ... matter the coarser branches pass into the anterior nucleus of the thalamus as the bundle of Vicq d’Azyr, the finer branches pass downward as the mammillo-tegmental bundle of Gudden ... The bundle of Vicq d’Azyr spreads out fan-like as it terminates in the anterior or dorsal nucleus of the thalamus ...