What is veritable?

  • (adj): Often used as intensifiers.
    Example: "He's a veritable swine"
    Synonyms: regular
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The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders Of Canada - Second World War - Operation Veritable
... and obtain the information that was crucial to the planning of the upcoming Operation Veritable ... On 8 February, Operation Veritable was launched with a 1,000 gun barrage ...
Steven Ma - Publications
... September 2002 Steven Ma's Veritable Records of Society I Why Commit Suicide? (馬浚偉社會實錄I-點解要自殺?) May 2003 Steven Ma's Veritable Records of Society II I Am the Patient's Family ...
Operation Veritable - Operation Veritable (Battle of The Reichswald)
... Operation Veritable was planned in three separate phases Operation Veritable began on 8 February 1945 and the next day the Germans blew the gates out ...
227th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom) - World War II - Veritable
... In the opening of Operation Veritable (8 February 1945), 15th (Scottish), operating as part of XXX Corps, had the task of breaching the northern extension of the Siegfried Line, consisting of ... During the second phase of Veritable on 22 February, 15th (Scottish) again faced heavy opposition, from Panzer Lehr Division, as well as mines, mud, and an anti-tank ...
Operation Veritable
... Operation Veritable was a Second World War pincer movement conducted by Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery's 21st Army Group to clear and occupy the land ... Veritable was originally called Valediction and had been planned for execution in early January, 1945 ... Second, Operation Veritable was the northern phase of a double pincer movement ...

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Famous quotes containing the word veritable:

    If, in all the cities, every house that is past repairing could be pulled down or burned up, how great would be the crash, how heaven-high the conflagration. It would be a veritable crack of Doom and glare of the Judgment.
    Albion Fellows Bacon (1865–1933)

    Throwing open the door, she brings forth the veritable queen of all the souffles, that spreads its archangelic wings over the entire kitchen as it leaps upwards from the dish in which the force of gravity alone confines it.
    Angela Carter (1940–1992)