What is usda soil taxonomy?

USDA Soil Taxonomy

USDA Soil Taxonomy developed by United States Department of Agriculture and the National Cooperative Soil Survey provides an elaborate classification of soil types according to several parameters (most commonly their properties) and in several levels: Order, Suborder, Great Group, Subgroup, Family, and Series.

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Soil - Reclamation
... Soils which contain high levels of particular clays, such as smectites, are often very fertile ... areas, however, struggle to retain organic matter in the soils they work ... years, for example, productivity has declined in the low-clay soils of northern Thailand ...
USDA Soil Taxonomy - Orders
... semiarid climate Entisols — do not show any "significant" soil profile development ... Minimal soil horizons ... Gelisols — soils of very cold climates which are defined as containing permafrost within two meters of the soil surface Histosols — consist primarily of organic materials Inceptisols — form quickly through ...
Classification - USDA Soil Taxonomy
... A taxonomy is an arrangement in a systematic manner ... Soil taxonomy has six categories ... The soil properties that can be measured quantitatively are used to classify soils ...
Soil Classification - Overview - Soil Science
... For soil resources, experience has shown that a natural system approach to classification, i.e ... grouping soils by their intrinsic property (soil morphology), behaviour, or genesis, results in classes that can be interpreted for many diverse uses ... Natural system approaches to soil classification, such as the French Soil Reference System (Référentiel pédologique français) are based on presumed soil genesis ...
World Reference Base For Soil Resources
... The World Reference Base for Soil Resources (WRB) is the international standard taxonomic soil classification system endorsed by the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) ... It was developed by an international collaboration coordinated by the International Soil Reference and Information Centre (ISRIC) and sponsored by the ... It replaces the previous FAO soil classification ...

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