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Ugly Girl

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Ugly Girl
... Ugly Girl can refer to "Ugly Girl", a parody of Aqua's Barbie Girl "Ugly Girl", a 1998 song by Fleming and John ...
Steve Ressel - Bibliography
... ISBN# 978-0-9787483-6-4 Ugly Girl (2010) Novella ... ISBN# 978-0-9787483-5-7 Rise Again, Ugly Girl (2011) Novel ... ISBN# 978-0-9787483-7-1 Return, Ugly Girl (2011) Novel ...

Famous quotes containing the words ugly girl, girl and/or ugly:

    Are you involved in politics now? Leave that to the writers and to the ugly girls.
    Albert Camus (1913–1960)

    When women reach the age of maturity, Mother Nature sometimes overworks their frustration to the point of irrationalism. Like the middle-aged man...who finds himself looking longingly at a girl in her early twenties.
    —Mark Hanna. Nathan Hertz. Dr. Von Loeb (Otto Waldis)

    I, who travel most often for my pleasure, do not direct myself so badly. If it looks ugly on the right, I take the left; if I find myself unfit to ride my horse, I stop.... Have I left something unseen behind me? I go back; it is still on my road. I trace no fixed line, either straight or crooked.
    Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592)