What is Tutsi?

  • (noun): A member of a Bantu speaking people living in Rwanda and Burundi.
    Synonyms: Watutsi, Watusi


The Tutsi ( /ˈtʊtsi/; ), or Abatutsi, are an ethnic group in Central Africa. Historically, they were often referred to as the Watutsi, Watusi, or the Wahuma. They are the second largest population division among the three largest groups in Rwanda and Burundi, the other two being the Hutu (largest) and the Twa (smallest). Due to the history of intermingling and intermarrying of Hutus and Tutsis, ethnographers and historians have lately come to agree that Hutu and Tutsis cannot be properly called distinct ethnic groups. Small numbers of Hema, Kiga and Furiiru people also live near the Tutsi in Rwanda.

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Some articles on Tutsi:

Coalition For The Defence Of The Republic - Ideology
... leadership over Rwanda's public institutions and public life and complete segregation of Hutus from Tutsis, and complete exclusion of Tutsis from public institutions and public life ... any form of relationship between Hutus and Tutsi women was forbidden and that any Hutu who "marries a Tutsi woman", "befriends a Tutsi woman", or "employs a Tutsi woman as a secretary or a concubine" was a "t ... It denounced Tutsis as "dishonest" in business whose "only aim is the supremacy of his ethnic group" and declared that any Hutu who did business with a Tutsi was a traitor ...
Human Rights In Rwanda
... decolonization ideas spread across Africa, a Tutsi party and Hutu party were created ... Both became militarized, and in 1959, Tutsi attempted to assassinate Grégoire Kayibanda, the leader of PARMEHUTU ... in Rwanda, violence which pitted Hutu against Tutsi, killing 000 ... to 000 ... Tutsi and forcing more into exile ...
Health In Rwanda
... Rwandans form three groups the Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa ... scholars disagree on the origins of and differences between the Hutu and Tutsi some believe that they are derived from former social castes, while others view them as being races or tribes ... dominated from the mid-eighteenth century, with the Tutsi kings conquering others militarily, centralising power, and later enacting anti-Hutu policies ...
Congolese Tutsi
... is rather a collective denomination of descendants of Tutsi migrants from Rwanda most of whom are concentrated on the Itombwe Plateau of South Kivu, close to the Burundi-Congo-Rwanda border ... term owes its origins to Fuliiru village, which in 1924, received the first group of Tutsi migrants before their dispersion in the highlands of South Kivu, where they were later joined, from 1959 to 1962 by ... the Rwanda Genocide, it has been used by congolese Tutsi, formally known as Banyarwanda (people of Rwanda) to avoid being seen as foreigners ...
Health In Rwanda - History
... the nature of the Bantu migrations one theory is that the first settlers were Hutu, while the Tutsi migrated later and formed a distinct racial group, possibly of Cushitic ... Under this theory, the Hutu and Tutsi distinction arose later and was a class distinction rather than a racial one ... not limited to genealogical lineages or geographical area, and most included Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa ...