What is trimer?

  • (noun): A polymer (or a molecule of a polymer) consisting of three identical monomers.


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DNA Clamp - Structure
... In archaea and eukaryotes, it is a trimer composed of three molecules of PCNA ... The T4 bacteriophage also uses a sliding clamp, called gp45 that is a trimer similar in structure to PCNA but lacks sequence homology to either PCNA or the bacterial ... of pol III dimer DNA polymerase III Archaea archaeal PCNA trimer pol ε Eukaryote PCNA trimer DNA polymerase delta Virus gp43 / gp45 trimer RB69 Pol / T4 Pol ...
Protein Trimer
... In biochemistry, a trimer is a macromolecular complex formed by three, usually non-covalently bound, macromolecules like proteins or nucleic acids ... A homo-trimer would be formed by three identical molecules ... A hetero-trimer would be formed by three different macromolecules ...
Acetone Peroxide - Chemistry
... Acetone peroxide" most commonly refers to the cyclic trimer TCAP (tri-cyclic acetone peroxide, or tri-cyclo, C9H18O6) obtained by a reaction between hydrogen peroxide and acetone in an acid-catalyzed ... (C6H12O4) and open monomer are also formed, but under proper conditions the cyclic trimer is the primary product ... bonds in the dimer and especially the monomer, they are even more unstable than the trimer ...
Methyl Isocyanate - Reactions
... It also reacts with itself to form a trimer or higher molecular weight polymers ... In the presence of catalysts, MIC reacts with itself to form a solid trimer, trimethyl isocyanurate, or a higher molecular weight polymer Sodium methoxide, triethyl ... Since the formation of the MIC trimer is exothermic (298 calories per gram of MIC), the reaction can lead to violent boiling of the MIC ...