What is towboat?

  • (noun): A powerful small boat designed to pull or push larger ships.
    Synonyms: tugboat, tug, tower


A towboat is a boat designed for pushing barges or car floats. Towboats are characterized by a square bow with steel knees for pushing and powerful engines. They are most often seen on inland waterways and western rivers where they can push more than 50 large barges lashed together into a tow of varying shapes and sizes. Towboats that travel long distances (linehaul) include living quarters for the crew. Outside of the USA towboats are usually referred to as "push boats" or "pushers".

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Luna (tugboat) - Operational History - Boston Harbor
... All the other tugs in the Mystic Steamship fleet - commercially known as the Boston Towboat Company - were powered by coal and oil-fired boilers and steam engines ... Company could trace its roots to the Boston Towboat Company, which had been founded by Boston's maritime executives to assure salvage, icebreaking, and ship towing services ... Later, Boston Towboat was operated by Eastern Enterprises, owners of Boston Gas and various maritime operations, which is active to this day as Eastern Enterprises ...
W. P. Snyder, Jr. (towboat)
... is a sternwheel, steam driven, towboat that was originally built as the Carnegie Steel Company towboat W ... As one of the first steel hull towboats constructed, she was fitted with the prominent anti-hogging struts and cables necessary on wooden hulled stern wheelers ... She is "the only intact, steam-driven sternwheel towboat still on the nation's river system", but "is in danger of sinking" ...
1993 Big Bayou Canot Train Wreck - Official Recommendations - To The Warrior & Gulf Navigation Company
... The NTSB advised "Require that company towboat operators complete a recognized training course on river radar navigation after the curriculum for such a course has ... Action) (M-94-42) "Establish a training protocol that requires company towboat operators to demonstrate proficiency in use of radar, compasses, and charts and incorporate into towboat operator ... Class II, Priority Action) (M-94-43) "Equip all company towboats with a suitable compass, a complete, up-to-date set of navigation charts for the waters over ...
Towboat Size
... Towboats range in size from less than 600 horsepower (447 kW) up to 11,100 horsepower (8,277 kW) ... Most towboats are from 35 to 200 feet (11 to 61 m) long, and 21 to 56 feet (6.4 to 17.1 m) wide ... The whole tow, excluding the towboat, can easily be over 1,200 feet (370 m) long and 200 feet (61 m) wide, covering over 6 acres (2.4 ha) and holding thousands of tons of cargo ...
1993 Big Bayou Canot Train Wreck - Events
... of Mobile) was struck at approximately 245 AM by a barge being pushed by the towboat Mauvilla (owned and operated by Warrior and Gulf Navigation of Chickasaw, Alabama), whose pilot had become ... The towboat's four crewmembers were not injured ... The towboat's pilot was not properly trained on how to read his radar and thus, owing to the very poor visibility in the fog and his lack of experience ...