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... Threading has more than one meaning Thread (computer science), a programming technique Threading (epilation), a hair removal method Threading (manufacturi ...
RAPTOR (software) - Components - Threading Engines
... NoCore, NPCore and IP are the three different threading engines implemented in RAPTOR ... IP is RAPTOR's unique integer programming-based threading engine ... It produces better alignments and models than the other two threading engines ...
... Hyper-threading (officially Hyper-Threading Technology or HT Technology, abbreviated HTT or HT) is Intel's term for its simultaneous multithreading implementation first ... The main function of hyper-threading is to decrease the number of dependent instructions on the pipeline ... Hyper-threading requires not only that the operating system support multiple processors, but also that it be specifically optimized for HTT, and Intel recommends disabling HTT when using operating systems that have ...
List Of C++ Multi-threading Libraries
... List of cross-platform multi-threading libraries for the C++ programming language ... Rogue Wave Libraries Boost C++ Libraries Intel Threading Building Blocks Intel Cilk Plus justthread OpenMP OpenThreads POCO Thread (part of POCO project - http//poc ...
Threading (protein Sequence) - Protein Threading Software
... HHpred is a popular threading server which runs HHsearch, a widely used software for remote homology detection based on pairwise comparison of hidden Markov models ... (software) is an integer programming based protein threading software ... It has been replaced by a new protein threading program RaptorX / software for protein modeling and analysis, which employs probabilistic graphical models and statistical inference to both single template and ...

Famous quotes containing the word threading:

    Tell me how many beads there are
    In a silver chain
    Of evening rain,
    Unravelled from the tumbling main,
    And threading the eye of a yellow star:—
    So many times do I love again.
    Thomas Lovell Beddoes (1803–1849)

    Those Maine woods differ essentially from ours. There you are never reminded that the wilderness which you are threading is, after all, some villager’s familiar wood-lot, some widow’s thirds, from which her ancestors have sledded fuel for generations, minutely described in some old deed which is recorded, of which the owner has got a plan, too, and old bound-marks may be found every forty rods, if you will search.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    With five to ten hundred pure-minded young women threading the streets of the village every evening unattended, vice must slink away, like frost before the rising sun ...
    Anna Julia Cooper (1859–1964)