What is tested?

  • (adj): Tested and proved useful or correct.
    Example: "A tested method"
    Synonyms: tried, well-tried
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The Tested
... The Tested is a 2009 independent feature film written and directed by Russell Costanzo and produced by Melissa B ... The Tested is one of only ten narrative rough cuts chosen by the Lab for its artistic vision and outstanding promise ...
List Of Myth Busters Episodes - 2011 Season
160 1 "Mission Impossible Mask" April 6, 2011 (2011-04-06) 176 Myths tested Can realistic facial masks be used to bypass security measures as shown in the Mission ... Be Light" June 22, 2011 (2011-06-22) 186 Myths tested Can mirrors be used to reflect sunlight and illuminate a tomb, as depicted in The Mummy? Can a runaway car be safely stopped if another driver pulls ... episode 18 ... "Wheel of Mythfortune" November 23, 2011 (2011-11-23) 196 Myths tested Adam, Jamie, and the Build Team test four viewer-submitted myths, including the "Monty Hall Problem" 19 ... "Toilet Bomb ...
List Of Doping Cases In Cycling - 2000s - 2005
... Erwin Bakker of the Netherlands tested positive for Testosterone at Mont Sainte-Anne, Canada, on 26 March 2005, and for EPO on 23 June 2005 at an out of competition control ... Roberto Ballestero of Costa Rica tested positive for Phentermine on 23 December 2005 ... Ludovic Capelle tested positive for EPO at a race on 7 June ...
Status of Lapsiporno.info With Finnish Internet Service Providers
... Läänin Puhelin Censored DNA Not censored Elisa Not censored Tested with consumer ADSL on Sun 23 August 2009 ... Not censored Netsonic Not censored Nebula Not censored Tested with consumer ADSL on Sun 23 November 2008 ... Päijät-Hämeen Puhelin Not censored Tested with consumer ADSL on Sat 21 June 2008 ...
London2012 - Drug Testing
... before the Summer Games that half of all the competitors would be tested for drugs, with 150 scientists set to take 6,000 samples between the start of ... Every competitor who won a medal was also tested ... The Olympic laboratory tested up to 400 samples every day for more than 240 prohibited substances ...

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Famous quotes containing the word tested:

    People are tested by wealth, just as gold is tested by fire.
    Chinese proverb.

    The transformation of the impossible into reality is always the mark of a demonic will. The only way to recognize a military genius is by the fact that, during the war, he will mock the rules of warfare and will employ creative improvisation instead of tested methods and he will do so at the right moment.
    Stefan Zweig (18811942)

    Is this testing whether I’m a replicant or a lesbian, Mr. Deckard?
    David Webb Peoples, U.S. screenwriter, and Ridley Scott. Rachel, Blade Runner, being tested to determine if she is human or machine (1982)