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Thalamocortical Radiations - Auditory Areas
... the Medial geniculate Body (MGB) via sublenticular region of the internal capsule and terminate in an organized topographic manner in the transverse temporal gyri of Heschl ... MGBm radiations terminate in specific locations while TC fibers from the MGBv terminate in nonspecific clusters of cells and form collateral connections to neighboring cells ...
Sale And Purchase Of Ship - Procedure To Terminate The Contract
... To terminate the sales and purchase contract, there are two main procedures and the buyer must follow these steps After taking the above two steps and the seller is ...
Combined Distribution Frame
... The vertical blocks are used to terminate the permanent outside lines entering the station ... Horizontal blocks are used to terminate inside plant equipment ... control facilities, the vertical side may be used to terminate equipment as well as outside lines ...
Terminate Damnation
... Terminate Damnation is the debut album by Christian progressive death metal band Becoming the Archetype ... The title of the album was taken from the song Terminate Damnation from the Mortification album, Scrolls of the Megilloth ... Terminate Damnation is planned to be released on vinyl with a limited pressing of 500 by Broken Circles Records with a release date of early May ...
Terminate (software)
... Terminate (terminat.exe) was a shareware modem terminal and host program for MS-DOS and compatible operating systems developed from the early to the late 1990s by the Dane Bo Bendtsen ... Compared to similar programs of its time, Terminate had a large number of built-in features like a powerful phone book with long distance calling cost calculation, Fido Mailer, QWK offline mail reader ... support for advanced file transfer protocols made Terminate very popular at the time ...

More definitions of "terminate":

  • (verb): Have an end, in a temporal, spatial, or quantitative sense; either spatial or metaphorical.
    Example: "The bronchioles terminate in a capillary bed"
    Synonyms: end, stop, finish, cease
  • (verb): Be the end of; be the last or concluding part of.
    Synonyms: end
  • (verb): Bring to an end or halt.
    Synonyms: end

Famous quotes containing the word terminate:

    Good-by, my book! Like mortal eyes, imagined ones must close some day. Onegin from his knees will rise—but his creator strolls away. And yet the ear cannot right now part with the music and allow the tale to fade; the chords of fate itself continue to vibrate; and no obstruction for the sage exists where I have put The End: the shadows of my world extend beyond the skyline of the page, blue as tomorrow’s morning haze—nor does this terminate the phrase.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)