What is taliska?


Taliska is a constructed language devised by J. R. R. Tolkien. It is one of the many fictional languages set in his secondary world, often called Middle-earth.

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... Taliska is a constructed language devised by J ... Taliska was based on the Gothic language ... A grammar and a lexicon of Taliska are known to exist, but as of 2011 they have not been published ...
Westron - Fictional History
... Age, they spoke two different languages, of which Taliska was the predecessor of Adûnaic ... House of Haleth spoke Haladin, while the House of Bëor and House of Hador both spoke Taliska ... The Bëorian dialect of Taliska was slightly different from the Hadorian dialect (though not an outright separate language), but in any case, the House of Bëor was practically destroyed after the Dagor Bragollach ...
Adûnaic - Fictional History
... related Bëorian and Hadorian dialects of Taliska, the language spoken by the first and third houses of the Edain when they first entered Beleriand during ... very little (it is stated that Felagund was able to quickly master Taliska purely by determining the various changes undergone by its Avarin component from Primitive Quendian) ... By the end of the First Age, Taliska had developed into a language that served as the basis for Adûnaic, the vernacular tongue of the Númenóreans, as well as the ...