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End-systolic Volume - Sample Values
... Along with end-diastolic volume, ESV determines the stroke volume, or output of blood by the heart during a single phase of the cardiac cycle ... The stroke volume is the difference between the end-diastolic volume and the end-systolic volume ... The end-systolic values in the table below are for the left ventricle Measure view talk edit Typical value Normal range end-diastolic volume (EDV) 120 mL 65 ...
End-systolic Volume
... End-systolic volume (ESV) is the volume of blood in a ventricle at the end of contraction, or systole, and the beginning of filling, or diastole ... ESV is the lowest volume of blood in the ventricle at any point in the cardiac cycle ... The main factors that affect the end-systolic volume are afterload and the contractility of the heart ...

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