What is sync pulse?

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Analogue Television Synchronization - Other Technical Information - Sync Separator
... Image synchronization is achieved by transmitting negative-going pulses in a composite video signal of 1 volt amplitude, these are approximately 0.3 V below the "black level" ... The horizontal sync signal is a single short pulse which indicates the start of every line ... the front porch between the end of displayed video and the start of the sync pulse, and the back porch after the sync pulse and before displayed video ...
Analogue Television Synchronization - Synchronization - Vertical Synchronization
... Vertical synchronization (Also vertical sync or VSYNC) separates the video fields ... In PAL and NTSC, the vertical sync pulse occurs within the vertical blanking interval ... The vertical sync pulses are made by prolonging the length of HSYNC pulses through almost the entire length of the scan line ...

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