What is superlative?

  • (adj): Highest in quality.
    Synonyms: greatest, sterling
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In grammar, the superlative is the form of an adjective (or adverb) that indicates that the person or thing (or action) modified has the quality of the adjective (or adverb) to a degree greater than that of anything it is being compared to in a given context. English superlatives are typically formed with the suffix -est (e.g. healthiest, weakest) or the word most (most recent, most interesting).

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Superlative Case
... In grammar, nouns in the superlative case (abbreviated SUPL or more ambiguously SUP) typically denote objects over which or onto the top of which another object moves ... Sublative Superdirective Superelative Superessive Superlative Temporal Terminative Vialis Possession, companion, instrument Abessive Associative Caritive ...
List Of Price Index Formulas - Precision Formulas - Superlative Indices
... Superlative indices treat prices and quantities equally across periods ... All superlative indices produce similar results and are generally the favored formulas for calculating price indices ... A superlative index is defined technically as "an index that is exact for a flexible functional form that can provide a second-order approximation to other twice-differentiable functions around the same point." ...
Superlatives - In English
... Example of superlative "she is most beautiful " Simply put the word 'superlative' is defined as (a noun) an exaggerated mode of expression (usually of ...
... a category of comparison similar to the superlative in, e ... the Semitic languages the absolutive superlative (i ... a superlative used without any compared object, expressing an intense degree), for example in Latin ...
Superlative - In Other Languages - Estonian
... In Estonian superlative form can usually made up in two ways ... For example "sinine" (blue) comparative form is "sinisem" and therefore superlative form is "k├Áige sinisem" ... The short superlative form is made up by adding "-m" to the end of plural partitive case ...

More definitions of "superlative":

  • (noun): An exaggerated expression (usually of praise).
    Example: "The critics lavished superlatives on it"
  • (noun): The superlative form of an adjective.
    Example: "'best' is the superlative form of 'good'"

Famous quotes containing the word superlative:

    You say there is no religion now. ‘Tis like saying in rainy weather, there is no sun, when at that moment we are witnessing one of his superlative effects.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)