What is summarize?

  • (verb): Be a summary of.
    Synonyms: summarise, sum, sum up
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Thomas W. Hartmann - Air Force Roles - Legal Adviser To The Convening Authority - Disqualified From Participation
... that one of Hartmann's responsibilities was to review and summarize for the Convening Authority pre-trial arguments from the Defense ... reviewed, and which he failed to forward and summarize for the Convening Authority ... that Hartmann failed to explain why he failed to forward or summarize the Defenses arguments for the Convening Authority ...
Takanori Nishikawa Discography - DVD
... The Summary -summarize 1- (December 19, 2001) The Summary -summarize 2- (December 19, 2001) The Summary -summarize 3- (December 19, 2001) The Summary -summarize 4- (December 19 ...
Grand Central Dispatch - Examples
... a for loop for (i = 0 i < count i++) { results = do_work(data, i) } total = summarize(results, count) This code runs the do_work function count times, assigning the ith result to the ith element ... i){ results = do_work(data, i) }) total = summarize(results, count) Here, dispatch_apply runs the block passed to it, count times, placing each invocation on a global queue, and passing each block invocation a ... all the work inside the original loop has completed before calling summarize ...
List Of Magic: The Gathering Keywords
... Keywords are typically created to summarize abilities or other attributes which are reasonably common in an individual expansion, expansion block, or in the game as a whole ... Many keywords summarize abilities or attributes which are sufficiently complex such that the full explanation would fill the "rules text" area of the card the smaller, one- or two-word keywords allow cards ... Keywords may also be used to summarize "block mechanics", certain card abilities or types of cards which are only designed and intended for use within a specific three-set "block" of expansions ...

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    To summarize the contentions of this paper then. Firstly, the phrase ‘the meaning of a word’ is a spurious phrase. Secondly and consequently, a re-examination is needed of phrases like the two which I discuss, ‘being a part of the meaning of’ and ‘having the same meaning.’ On these matters, dogmatists require prodding: although history indeed suggests that it may sometimes be better to let sleeping dogmatists lie.
    —J.L. (John Langshaw)