What is suit led?

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Playing Rubber Bridge
... Suits are ranked Spades (♠), Hearts (♥), Diamonds (♦), Clubs (♣) ... by an auction in which the players bid for the number of tricks they will make and the trump suit or no trumps ... "1♣" is 7 tricks with clubs as trumps, "3NT" is 9 tricks with no trump suit ...
Trick-taking Game - Trumps
... played, are of higher value than the suit led ... it is won by the highest-value trump card played, not the highest-value card of the suit led ... In most games with trumps, one of the four suits is identified as the trump suit ...
Serbian Whist - Rules - Play
... The other players must play a card of the same suit if possible ... Any player who has no card of the suit led must play a trump if they can ... A player who has no cards of the suit led and no trumps can discard any card ...
... For example, most games require a player to follow suit or play in the suit led, if possible ... and 500 require that players play to the suit led, unless void in it ... Hearts requires that players follow the suit led ...

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    I don’t like you very well.
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