What is successive?

Some articles on successive:

Casey Stoner - Career - MotoGP - 2008
... a second place at Mugello, before starting a run of seven successive pole positions ... He turned three of them into successive victories – a lights-to-flag win at Donington, leading every lap at Assen six days later, and recovering from a huge ... However, successive crashes while fighting for the lead at Laguna Seca (where he remounted to finish second to Valentino Rossi), Brno and Misano ensured that he could not defend the title ...
Cascade Algorithm - Successive Approximation
... The iterative algorithm generate successive approximations to ψ(t) or φ(t) from {h} and {g} filter coefficients ... Successive approximation can also be derived in the frequency domain ...
Shaping (psychology) - Successive Approximations
... The successive approximations reinforced are increasingly accurate approximations of a response desired by a trainer ... For example, in training a rat to press a lever, the following successive approximations might be reinforced simply turning toward the lever will be reinforced only stepping toward the lever ... Successive approximation should not be confused with feedback processes as feedback generally refers to numerous types of consequences ...
Display Contrast - Successive Contrast
... one after the other, this contrast is called successive contrast ... The contrast between two full-screen patterns (full-screen contrast) always is a successive contrast ...
Fundamental Recurrence Formulas - A Simple Example
... Applying the fundamental recurrence formulas we find that the successive numerators An are {1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13...} and the successive denominators ... the determinant formula assures us that the absolute value of the difference between successive convergents approaches zero quite rapidly ...

Famous quotes containing the word successive:

    He represents the privilege of the intellect, the power, namely, of carrying up every fact to successive platforms, and so disclosing, in every fact, a germ of explanation.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    I think, for the rest of my life, I shall refrain from looking up things. It is the most ravenous time-snatcher I know. You pull one book from the shelf, which carries a hint or a reference that sends you posthaste to another book, and that to successive others. It is incredible, the number of books you hopefully open and disappointedly close, only to take down another with the same result.
    Carolyn Wells (1862–1942)

    I lay awake awhile, watching the ascent of the sparks through the firs, and sometimes their descent in half-extinguished cinders on my blanket. They were as interesting as fireworks, going up in endless, successive crowds, each after an explosion, in an eager, serpentine course, some to five or six rods above the tree-tops before they went out.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)