What is stroking?

  • (noun): A light touch with the hands.
    Synonyms: stroke

Some articles on stroking:

... This is a soothing, stroking movement used at the beginning and the end of the facial and/or body massage ... Effleurage is basically a form of massage involving a circular stroking movement made with the palm of the hand ... consists of four sub-categories Ethereal or aura strokes Feathering, or nerve-stroking Superficial effleurage Deeper effleurage ...
The Essential Michael Nyman Band - Track Listing
... Beach Wheelbarrow Walk Knowing the Ropes Miserere paraphrase Memorial Stroking Synchronizing Miranda Tracks 1-3 from The Draughtsman's Contract ... "Stroking" is not the same piece that was known as "Stroking" on, The Kiss and Other Movements, but rather, "Gliding." ...
Yamata No Orochi - Mythology
... I am called by the name of Foot-Stroking-Elder, my wife is called by the name of Hand-Stroking Elder, and my daughter is called by the name of Wondrous-Inada-Princess." Again he asked What is the cause ... So I have now descended from Heaven." Then the Deities Foot-Stroker-Elder and Hand-Stroking-Elder said "If that be so, with reverence will we offer." So His-Swift-Impetuous-Male-A ...
Bowling Form - Stroking
... Stroking is considered the most classic of all the bowling forms and is still the most popular style of bowling in the PBA ...
Of Mice And Men - Plot Summary
... in Weed, California, where they were run out of town after Lennie's love of stroking soft things resulted in an accusation of attempted rape when he ... Lennie accidentally kills his puppy while stroking it ... After finding out that Lennie loves stroking soft things, she offers to let him stroke her hair, but panics and begins to scream when she feels his strength ...

Famous quotes containing the word stroking:

    Research shows clearly that parents who have modeled nurturant, reassuring responses to infants’ fears and distress by soothing words and stroking gentleness have toddlers who already can stroke a crying child’s hair. Toddlers whose special adults model kindliness will even pick up a cookie dropped from a peer’s high chair and return it to the crying peer rather than eat it themselves!
    Alice Sterling Honig (20th century)