What is stratagem?

  • (noun): A maneuver in a game or conversation.
    Synonyms: ploy, gambit
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Sontaran - Reproduction
... characters in both The Sontaran Experiment and The Sontaran Stratagem comment on how closely individual Sontarans resemble one another however, it should be noted that their height, skin tone, facial features ... When Luke Rattigan asks how they can tell each other apart in "The Sontaran Stratagem", General Staal remarks that they say the same of humans ... In The Sontaran Stratagem, the Sontarans are seen to create human clones by growing them in tubs of green fluid ...
The Belle's Stratagem
... The Belle's Stratagem is a romantic comedy of manners that premiered on February 22, 1780 it was the most successful work by Hannah Cowley ... It drew its title from George Farquhar's play The Beaux' Stratagem ...
Thirty-Six Stratagems - Chapter 1: Winning Stratagems (勝戰計)
... This stratagem references an episode in 643 AD, when Emperor Taizong of Tang, balked from crossing the sea to a campaign against Koguryo ... His general Xue Rengui thought of a stratagem to get the emperor across and allay his fear of seasickness on a clear day, the emperor was invited to meet a wise man ... This stratagem means that you can mask your real goals, by using the ruse of a fake goal that everyone takes for granted, until the real goal is achieved ...
Thirty-Six Stratagems - Chapter 6: Desperate Stratagems (敗戰計)
... This stratagem can work on three levels ... This stratagem has to be used sparingly and only after one has first developed a reputation for military prowess ... Chain stratagems (連環計/连环计, Lián huán jì) In important matters, one should use several stratagems applied simultaneously after another as ...
... Stratagem or Stratagems may also refer to HMS Stratagem (P234), an S class submarine "Stratagem" (Star Trek Enterprise), an episode of Star Trek Enterprise Stratagems (book), by the 1st-cen ...

More definitions of "stratagem":

  • (noun): An elaborate or deceitful scheme contrived to deceive or evade.
    Synonyms: contrivance, dodge