What is straightaway?

  • (noun): A straight segment of a roadway or racecourse.
    Synonyms: straight
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Straightaway is a 26-week half-hour adventure/drama television series which aired on ABC during the 1961–1962 season – the story of two young men who operate a garage and engage in auto racing. John Ashley and Brian Kelly played race car designers Clipper Hamilton and Scott Ross, respectively. Scott designs the vehicles, and Clipper is the mechanic. Asa Maynor was cast in four episodes as Dixie. Most episodes center on the clients who bring a race car to the Straightaway Garage. The series was originally planned to be named “The Racers”, but the title had to be altered because of sponsor problems.

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Aaron's 499 - Notable Races
... The race was marred by a 24 car crash on the back straightaway on lap 164, in the same location where a large crash had occurred the day before in the Busch race that had. 14 cars, and the second one on the back straightaway on Lap 180 involving eleven cars ... was clipped by Greg Biffle and collided with the inside wall on the back straightaway) ...
Rocket Rods - The Ride
... changing from red, to yellow, to green, and then having the vehicle zoom down a straightaway toward the entrance of Tomorrowland, before quickly decelerating at the curve in the track ... When the attraction was open, this straightaway was used for a small wheelie as well ... The vehicle then traveled along the straightaway from the first leg of the ride back to the station ...
Straightaway - Other Guest Stars
... to the aforementioned, other guest stars on Straightaway include Luther Adler Merry Anders Malcolm Atterbury Don Beddoe Whit Bissell Bill Bixby Howard Caine Paul Carr John Considine Diana Dors Myrna Fahey William ...
Canada's Worst Driver 2 - Synopsis - Episode 6
... nominators drive through an obstacle course, which contains a straightaway that they will have to drive at over 40 km/h ... telling Melena to stop 123 times and instructing her in great detail on the straightaway, which pays off as they finish without hitting anything and under the time limit ...
Canada's Worst Driver 3 - Synopsis - Episode 4: Skid Marks
... the skid car they must simply go downhill in the skid car in what is more or less a straightaway in park in front of a wall, being fully aware that the skid car may activate during the trip (the twist is, of ... a standard transmission car and drive it up a straightaway (peppered with stops), perform a three-point turn, and back down the same straightaway ...

More definitions of "straightaway":

  • (adj): Performed with little or no delay.
    Example: "A straightaway denial"
    Synonyms: immediate, prompt, quick