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Stokken is a former municipality in Aust-Agder county, Norway. It is located in the present-day municipality of Arendal in the Sørlandet region. The administrative centre of the municipality was the village of Eydehavn.

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List Of Former Municipalities Of Norway - List By County - Aust-Agder
... Former Fate Result Year Austre Moland Merged with Flosta and Stokken Moland 1962 Barbu Incorporated into Arendal Arendal 1902 Dypvåg Incorporated into ...
Stokken - History
... Stokken was part of the municipality of Austre Moland since its establishment on 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). 1919, Austre Moland was divided into two separate municipalities Stokken (population 1,683) and Austre Moland (population 1,289) ... On 1 January 1962, a merger took place between Stokken, Austre Moland, Flosta, as well as the Strengereid district in Tvedestrand ...
Martin Stokken
... Martin Stokken (16 January 1923 – 25 March 1984) was a Norwegian cross-country skier and athlete who competed in the 1950s ... In addition, Stokken won a bronze in the 4 x 10 km cross country relay event at the 1950 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships and had his best individual finish of 4th in the 50 km event at the ... Stokken won the Egebergs Ærespris in 1949 ...