What is splitter?

  • (noun): A laborer who splits logs to build split-rail fences.
    Synonyms: rail-splitter
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Log Splitter - Power Source
... A simple log splitter may be powered by an electric motor driving a hydraulic pump or by gasoline or diesel engine with or without a tractor ... The non-electric versions can be used remotely where the splitter can be moved to the location of the cut wood source ... No matter what the power source, a log splitter either uses a hydraulic piston to drive the log through a stationary blade or a rotating cone shaped screw mandrel that pulls the log up over a wedge ...
Microphone Splitter
... A microphone splitter is a device with an input from a microphone and multiple outputs ... A splitter is often used at larger venues to provide feeds from microphones or other sources to both a front of house mixing desk and a monitor desk ... In a simple splitter the outputs are connected in parallel, with no isolation between outputs ...
Hong–Ou–Mandel Effect - Quantum-mechanical Description - Mathematical Description
... When the two modes a and b are mixed in a 5050 beam splitter, they turn into new modes c and d, and the creation and annihilation operators transform accordingly The relative minus sign appears because the beam ... This can be seen most clearly when we write the two-mode beam splitter transformation in matrix form Unitarity of the transformation now means unitarity ... Physically, this beam splitter transformation means that reflection off one surface induces a relative phase shift of −1 with respect to reflection off the other side of the beam ...
Log Splitter - Safety
... Although a good log splitter can save the operator hours of labor, it is not possible to make it completely safe ... Only trained adults should operate a log splitter, since anything caught between the log and the splitting blade will receive at least 10 tons of pressure ... operation' for safety which means that both of the operator's hands are needed to actuate the splitter thus keeping them out of the way of the moving blade ...
Splitter - See Also
... File splitter, in computing, a media demultiplexer Splittermuster, a World War II-era German camouflage pattern Split (disambiguation) Splitting (disambiguation) All pages ...

More definitions of "splitter":

  • (noun): A worker who splits fish and removes the backbone.
  • (noun): A taxonomist who classifies organisms into many groups on the basis of relatively minor characteristics.
    Synonyms: divider