What is sphagnum moss?

  • (noun): Any of various pale or ashy mosses of the genus Sphagnum whose decomposed remains form peat.
    Synonyms: sphagnum, peat moss, bog moss

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Sphagnum - Uses
... Decayed, compacted sphagnum moss has the name of peat or peat moss ... A distinction is sometimes made between sphagnum moss, the live moss growing on top of a peat bog, and 'sphagnum peat moss' (North American usage) or 'sphagnum peat' (British usage ... Dried sphagnum moss is also used in northern Arctic regions as an insulating material ...
Mendon Ponds Park - Geography
... known as the "Devil's Bathtub," eskers, a floating sphagnum moss peat bog, and kames ... northernwestern end of the line of other glacial ponds and lakes near the "Bathtub," there is a sphagnum moss peat bog, where the build-up of moss has created a floating island in the middle of the lake ... Due to the acidity buildup and lack of decay caused by the sphagnum moss, the bog is home to a number of carnivorous plants, including sundew and pitcher plants ...

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    His life itself passes deeper in nature than the studies of the naturalist penetrate; himself a subject for the naturalist. The latter raises the moss and bark gently with his knife in search of insects; the former lays open logs to their core with his axe, and moss and bark fly far and wide. He gets his living by barking trees. Such a man has some right to fish, and I love to see nature carried out in him.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)