What is speeton?


Speeton is a village in the civil parish of Reighton, in North Yorkshire, England. It lies near the edge of the coastal cliffs midway between Filey and Bridlington. It is North Yorkshire's eastern most settlement, but historically lay in the East Riding of Yorkshire until local government re-organisation in 1974.

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Speeton - St Leonard's Church
... The church of St Leonard's at Speeton is one of the smallest parish churches in Yorkshire and was erected in the early Norman period, probably on the site of an earlier Saxon church ...
Speeton Beds
... Speeton Beds, in English geology, a series of clays well exposed at Speeton, near Filey on the Yorkshire coast ... The Speeton Clays pass downwards without break into the underlying Kimmeridgian they are capped by the Red chalk, which may be regarded as the equivalent of the ... bituminous, nodular shales with Kimmeridge fossils at the base of the Speeton Clay comes the zone of Acroteuthis lateralis - uncommon - and Acroteuthis subquadratus - common ...