What is sparring?

  • (noun): Making the motions of attack and defense with the fists and arms; a part of training for a boxer.
    Synonyms: spar
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Sparring is a form of training common to many combat sports. Although the precise form varies, it is essentially relatively 'free-form' fighting, with enough rules, customs, or agreements to make injuries unlikely. By extension, argumentative debate is sometimes called "verbal sparring".

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... by practitioners of Taekwondo during sparring ... The hogu has been used in World Taekwondo Federation sparring since the 1950s and is considered the most important piece of sparring equipment in the ... The hogu is the most common scoring area in Taekwondo sparring ...
List Of Kyokushin Techniques - Techniques and Training - Sparring (kumite)
... Sparring, also called kumite, is used to train the application of the various techniques within a fighting situation ... Sparring is usually an important part of training in most Kyokushin organizations, especially at the upper levels with experienced students ... Speed and control are instrumental in sparring and in a training environment it is not the intention of either practitioner to injure his opponent as much as it is to successfully ...
Sparring - Names and Types
... Sparring has different names and different forms in various schools ... Some schools prefer not to call it sparring, as they feel it differs in kind from what is normally called sparring ... In Muay Thai among western practitioners sparring is simply called sparring ...
International Taekwon-Do Federation - Sparring
... ITF competition sparring rounds are 2 minutes and in national and international levels of competition they hold two rounds each 2 minutes with a one minute rest in between ... ITF taekwon-do is fought in continuous point sparring ... The official rules for ITF sparring competition are available at the ITF website ...
Isshin-ryū - Other Curriculum - Kumite
... Kumite is the practice of free-sparring, that is, sparring in a non-set pattern ... Shimabuku instituted free-sparring using full Kendo armor to allow for full-contact training while minimizing the risk of injury ... Current equipment makes free-sparring much easier and safer, allow for a more involved and effective karate training method ...

More definitions of "sparring":

  • (noun): An argument in which the participants are trying to gain some advantage.

Famous quotes containing the word sparring:

    A black boxer’s career is the perfect metaphor for the career of a black male. Every day is like being in the gym, sparring with impersonal opponents as one faces the rudeness and hostility that a black male must confront in the United States, where he is the object of both fear and fascination.
    Ishmael Reed (b. 1938)