What is southern yan?

Southern Yan

The Southern Yan (Chinese: 南燕; pinyin: Nányàn; 398-410) was a state of Xianbei ethnicity during the era of Sixteen Kingdoms in China. Its territory roughly coincided with modern Shandong. Its founder Murong De was a son of Murong Huang and brother of Murong Jun and Murong Chui and therefore was an imperial prince during both Former Yan and Later Yan.

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Murong Chao - Reign
... (who had, after much travels, settled down in Southern Yan by this point) or 1,000 captives from Jin ... the Jin government, proposed that a major attack be launched against Southern Yan, and even though he faced opposition, he started the campaign regardless ... Gongsun Wulou and Murong Zhen proposed that Southern Yan armies defend Daxian Mountain (大峴山, in modern Weifang, Shandong) and not allow Jin forces to pass ...
Emperor Wu Of Liu Song - As Regent - Campaigns Against Southern Yan and Lu Xun
... In 409, the Southern Yan emperor Murong Chao began a campaign of attacking and pillaging the Jin northern borders, intending to capture men and women to be trained as musicians ... Yu decided to launch a campaign to destroy Southern Yan, over the objections of most imperial officials, but was supported by Meng Chang ... While Liu Yu was quickly able to defeat Southern Yan main forces in late 409 and put the Southern Yan capital Guanggu (廣固, in modern Qingzhou, Shandong) under siege, Guanggu did not ...
Murong De
... name Xuanming (玄明), formally Emperor Xianwu of (Southern) Yan ((南)燕獻武帝), was the founding emperor of the Chinese/Xianbei state Southern Yan ... He was the son of Former Yan's founding prince Murong Huang (Prince Wenming) and younger brother to both Former Yan emperor Murong Jun (Emperor Jingzhao) and Later Yan ... Chui's son Murong Bao lost most of Later Yan's territory to Northern Wei, Murong De took troops under his own command south and established Southern Yan, which secured ...
List Of State Leaders In 405 - Asia
... Xing, Emperor of Later Qin (394-416) Later Yan - Murong Xi, Emperor of Later Yan (401-407) Northern Liang - Juqu Mengxun, Prince of Northern Liang (401-433) Northern Wei ... Prince of Southern Yan (398-405) Murong Chao ... Prince of Southern Yan (405-410) Gupta Empire – Chandragupta II, Gupta Emperor of India (375-414) Japan (Yamato period) - Emperor Richū, Emperor of Japan (c.400-c.405) Korea (Three Kingdoms Period) Baekje ...

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