What is software synthesizer?

Software Synthesizer

A software synthesizer, also known as a softsynth is a computer program or plug-in for digital audio generation. Computer software which can create sounds or music is not new, but advances in processing speed are allowing softsynths to accomplish the same tasks that previously required dedicated hardware. Softsynths are usually cheaper and more portable than dedicated hardware, and easier to interface with other music software such as music sequencers.

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Typical Software Synthesizers - Mobile Synthesizer
... have become so high in processing power, that synthesizer applications (apps) can play with the same capabilities as the classic analog or digital synths ... One example is the Windows Phone Synthesizer ... Recently there have been many virtual synthesizers released for Apples iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) ...
Dave Smith (engineer) - History
... he founded Sequential Circuits, one of the most successful music synthesizer manufacturers of the time ... a functionality adopted by virtually all synthesizer designs ever since ... He presented a paper outlining the idea of a Universal Synthesizer Interface (USI) to the Audio Engineering Society (AES) in 1981 after meetings with Tom Oberheim and Roland's Ikutaro Kakehashi ...