What is software freedom?

Some articles on software, software freedom, freedom:

Bradley M. Kuhn
... Kuhn (born 1973) is a free software activist from the United States ... Kuhn is currently Executive Director of the Software Freedom Conservancy ... Liaison and Technology Director of the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) ...
Free Software
... Free software, software libre or libre software is software that ensures that the end users have freedom in using, studying, sharing and modifying that software ... Free software legally guarantees these freedom-rights in its license ... The focus of free software is the freedom of the end user (to share, copy, modify) and thus in direct contrast to the restrictions of proprietary software ...
Software Freedom Day - Software Freedom International
... Software Freedom International" (SFI) is a non-profit organisation that acts as the official organiser of Software Freedom Day, and is the legal body that handles ... The name Software Freedom International was chosen to distinguish the organisational body from the event of Software Freedom Day itself ...

Famous quotes containing the word freedom:

    One alone in a Chinese square
    confronted tanks, while others fled.
    He stood for freedom for us all,
    but few care now if he’s jailed or dead.
    Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, Jr.)